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What is Pro-Se Legal Information Exchange?

Pro-Se Legal Information Exchange Specializes in legal documentation assistance for those that either want to fight their cases ‘pro-se’ with the assistance of a certified paralegal or in the event that they would need and/or want an attorney we have an attorney on staff that is willing to assist with the case(s).

Many of your legal matters can be resolved on your own while saving thousands in legal fees. In many cases this can be the best decision you make. At Pro-Se Legal Information Exchange we give you the resources you need to review your own case and create your own documents.

Although, we, the paralegals are not attorneys, we continue to stay in regular counsel with our attorney to ensure that we help our clients create the best legal documentation for their case.


We empower you to do your own paperwork and not make a decision in haste to pay for expensive fees for common knowledge that is available to you!


Come by for a one on one consultation and see what we, at Pro-Se Legal Information Exchange can do for you!