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Anyone can sell or give you legal information. Which is considered to be general and not based on a specific set of facts. Only a licensed lawyer is authorized by law to offer you legal advice. It is always our recommendation that a person should hire a lawyer to address specific circumstances. Hiring a lawyer is suggested before, during and after litigation (especially if you are unsure or should any questions arise pertaining to the law). We offer legal documentation assistance in the Rockford, IL  and surrounding areas with over 50 years of experience to lean on. Our certified paralegals and pro-se assistants are available  to assist with legal documentation preparation and direct you to resources that are available for your research in order to obtain a better understanding of the law.


Our Mission

We the people, for the people and by the people. We take a genuine interest in our clients. We understand their objectives and meet and/or their expectations. We act in the spirit of excellence with integrity and compassion to serve our community, our country and the world. Our focus is to assist our clients with legal matters by taking the proper due diligence in accordance to the law. We pledge to uphold liberty and justice for all.


Our Belief

The Board of Directors and Management of Pro-Se Legal Information Exchange operates in the belief of “The Book”. We understand that we are “our brother’s keeper”. Through, our deep belief in the Almighty, we will edify our fellows to be the best they can be. We endeavor to empower, energize, inspire, encourage and inform others. Our objective is to honor our Father and reflect good stewardship while blessing others with our services.

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